About Us

Dodge City Diner, despite its American name and appearance, was founded in South Africa and became a household name in the Cape and beyond since opening its first outlet at the V&A Waterfront in 1991. The “Diner” concept dates back to 1858, in Rhode Island, USA, but the revival in the late 1970s spurned new interest in the Diner concept.

Dodge City Diners experienced great customer satisfaction and loyalty throughout their days. Driven by the principle of using the best possible food ingredients and being unique in all aspects of the business, Dodge City Diner became a successful, one of kind, food concept appealing to patrons across the board regardless of creed, ethnicity, income or age.

Best known for its burgers & steaks and desserts & shakes, it has an extensive range of other high quality products, responsibly formulated and prepared, and suitable for patrons wanting anything from a full indulgent treat to a light low fat and healthy meal, or even just a quick refreshing ice cream, milkshake or coffee while on the run.

A new team have re-launched the DODGE brand, still with its unique nostalgic and retro concept, whilst adding a touch of fresh and contemporary vibes to fit today’s trends. Dodge City Diner has a fun yet professional approach to business, providing patrons with an opportunity to let their hair down, relax, laugh, and just generally have a good time. The much loved local brand is back, even better than before, and will be going nationwide.